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Replacing nightmares with Hope. We enable kids to dream of a life that is better than what they have today, and restore the carefree innocence that is a basic right of every child. We believe that playtime is just as crucial to these kids as food and water, for their today's and more importantly, their TOMORROW.


Playtime as a method of healing trauma

September 2015
After a full year of intense research, networking, and reaching out, we are still unable to break the barriers to enter in to the refugee camps in Turkey and Lebanon. When the concept of DRS was born, ISIS was nothing but a small group of radicals. Today, they have gained huge swaths of territory in Iraq, Syria, and beyond. 

Due to the combination of this tyrannical terrorist regime, and a massive influx of refugees to new and already overloaded refugee camps, combined with farther reaching safe-havens such as Europe for those exiled from their homes to strange and new places, has caused governments of these countries to be extremely strict on who they will and will not allow in.


​Although understandably so, this creates a real challenge for those with a heart to help. Our experience has been that unless you are a massive organization with established connections, there is little to no room for you to help. Even to volunteer with one of them takes years to vet and process your experience before you ever actually get any "on the ground, on the job" training or experience. 

****Note to hopeful volunteers, you can not just walk in to a refugee camp and offer your services. You can contact us for information on proper channels if you'd like to have a go at it.****

Due to the massive influx of refugees in to Europe, our traffic has multiplied ten times over in the last month!

We've received on average 70 emails A DAY from families and individuals wanting to give of themselves with time and supplies this month.

If you would like to hold an event or fundraiser in your area to our benefit, please CONTACT US first. 

This also means that we are not in a position to bring someone in to the camps to volunteer on the ground. 

What we CAN do is connect you.

We are currently able to connect donors of physical donations such as school supplies, clothing, toys, etc with organizations in various countries serving refugees on a regular (weekly) basis. 

We are able to connect refugees with : Work/shelter opportunities and access to basic necessities such as food, employment, and spiritual ministry (muslim, jewish, christian, and secular).

​At this point, we are open to ideas and connections, but are desperately seeking a way in to the camps to help these children. We are more than willing to be a conduit for you, and pray that God will be pleased with what we do with this smaller task, that He might trust us with more in the future. We glady accept your emails, and hope to get back to them all! Please be patient with us as we work on responding to you all individually and touching as many lives as we possibly can. We are all human, and we are all in this together.